We here at FemPop like to see people get up in arms over idiocy, because if we accept idiocy then we’re idiots too!
This is the image of North Carolinian rage.

Appropriately angry realtor.

Leigh Brown is pissed and with every right to be. On January 27 of this year the realtor closed a short sale (where all parties agree to sell a home for less then the balance of the mortage to avoid foreclosure). Sellers, buyers and, allegedly, the bank were all happy with the sale. The new homeowners started moving in and all seemed well.

Then on February 2 the homeowners noticed men taking photos of the house. The men? Rolling in a black truck with tinted windows and wearing black shirts that identified them as “Agents.” And for good measure the shirts also had little handgun on their fronts. You know, to creep a person the f out.

The homeowners, being significantly braver then myself, went outside and asked the creepy dudes what they were doing.

“Oh you know, foreclosing the house, changing locks, removing all contents. Same old, same old.”

The homeowners explained that THEY owned the house and that it was a short sale and not a foreclosure and told the creeps to get off their lawn. And the men left!

The homeowners quickly contacted Brown, their realtor, and relayed the story. As Brown is a good, and honest woman she tried to help. She started making phone calls and four weeks–FOUR WEEKS–later someone at Bank of America finally gave it to her straight. The worst part? The BoA contact wasn’t the least bit surprised that the new homeowners were nearly tossed out of their own home. When Brown jokingly asked “well should short sale buyers just hire security guards to protect their homes?”

“Not a bad idea,” replied the non-plussed BoA employee.

Brown was pissed and because this is 2011 she took to the internet and recounted the entire incident with quite a bit of fire and vigor.

Horror stories about foreclosures are all too common these days. Horror stories about inept foreclosure or “trash out” teams hired by Bank of America are the most common. So it’s nice to see a realtor fighting for their clients and making waves.

Good on Leigh Brown. She kicks ass.

Source: [Charlotte Observer via Consumerist]