Ugh, you know what’s barftastic? This ‘Female Force’ comic book series. It’s mission, ostensibly, is to present young comic-book readin’ girls with depictions of strong, powerful, and unconventional women. Okay, awesome, I’m with you so far, bring on the Margaret Thatcher themed issue! 

In addition to Mags, they’ve written tomes  dedicated to people like Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Ellen, some non-gay people, and also the lady who created Barbie. And Sarah Palin.

Soooooo I’m making the leap, alright, women in power, women in public, cool, with you so far Bluewater Publishing!

Their most recent issue is all about….Angelina Jolie.

Ah, cool – UN Ambassador reformed wild-child who found her life’s calling in good works, adoption, and Brad Pitt?

Is Zach Snyder somehow involved in this?

Oh okay cool, just her boobs and mouth then. Awesome.

I get it. She is, after all, Angelina Jolie, one of basically the most physically attractive folks to walk the earth. But even a cursory scroll through ye olde internets reveal that Ang tends to dress more conservatively when out working for the UN. I mean hell, even during the bad old days can we discuss what she wore to the Oscars that time?

Morticia Adams joke? Check. Vacant blow-up doll stare and Real Housewives rack? Not quite.

Yeah. It screams many things, Boobs McCleavage though? Nah.

Female Force is operating with a great mission statement, it just seems like the follow-through is lacking.

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