Emily Deschanel is pregnant which means that her pregnancy will have to be incorporated into Bones some way. We here at FemPop are nothing if not helpful so we’ve decided to illustrate some of the best and worst ways she can rock that baby bump as the autistic bones genius.

Actual photographic episode of the baby bump. (But really just a stock photo.)

The most tried-and-true method of being pregnant on a show is just to be pregnant.

Lucille Ball just rocked her baby bump. Then she had her daughter and renamed her Ricky Jr.

Someone's diaper might be a tad too big.

Science fiction and fantasy stories like to incorporate the baby, too. This is how you got shit story lines like Xena being pregnant with Callisto’s soul/baby.

Also she was an angel when it happened.

This is also how you get Major Kira being impregnated with Chief O’Brien’s baby. And if that wasn’t WTFuckery enough for you I once had a girl tell me she should couldn’t work on a play. She was pregnant and it was her best friend’s baby and had been inserted into her womb and she was in love with the father and the best friend. She looked at me like I really believed it was possible to move a baby from one womb to another in a world sans aliens and Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Preach it Kira.

Sometimes the “pregnant on television” thing actually pays off. Lucille Ball made all kinds of money and got all kinds of fabulous press for her baby bump.

Frasier used it as an opportunity to make lots of fat jokes.

Oh Daphne. You're ENORMOUS. Get your ass to fat camp!

And Lisa Kudrow’s incorporated pregnancy gave her character, Phoebe, one of the better storylines on Friends.

Phoebe you are very pregnant and still hilarious. Monica, your veil is on crooked.

But pregnant storylines are always a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s better to just put on a big coat and stand behind a desk. Doctor shows flipping ROCK at hiding pregnancies.

Grey's Anatomy basically made it a science.

But hiding the baby can have consequences. One? The outfits are ugly as hell.

Star Trek will never win awards for maternity wear.

Two. No really, the outfits are ugly as hell.

Oh Scully. Just. Just NO.

As Bones is vaguely medical and has lots of tables it’s pretty clear they can rock the hidden baby. And Bones already wears ugly-ass clothes. It’s not a sacrifice like it would be on Gossip Girl* or something.

She could be pregnant in this photo. You don't even know.

*Now I hope Gossip Girl has a storyline where someone gets pregnant and only wears tents and they have an intervention.

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