When I first heard that Benicio Del Toro had knocked up Kimberly Stewart I thought something really uncharitable:

That kid is going to be ugly.

I then sat here thinking about Benicio Del Toro how was the 90s broke-down whisper of a dream that became the reality of Javier Bardem in the aughts. Then I remembered how I once sat through the entirety of Che at the tail-end of a 24 hour film festival and how for weeks afterwards when I was falling asleep I would think about hand held cameras, the jungle, and random sprays of gunfire.

Now I’m just thinking about how Kimberly Stewart probably seduced Benicio by getting wasted and howling ‘Tonight’s the Night’ in all its entirety. That song will get you laid. That’s what I do, and my dad didn’t even write the song, so yeah.