You guys, Lady Gaga ousted Oprah as the top earner in the Forbes Shake Your Money Maker 100!

At long last someone white, ammiright guys? Ha ha ha ha.

Oprah don't give a fuck - bitch has a Koala.

But seriously if you were Oprah wouldn’t you be pissed? You’d be all, “Oh hell no. I am starting my OWN network – punsville – and people basically pray to me. I don’t need to have fake relationships with Kodak to make people love me. Suuuure you’ve got the dollars, ‘Ga, but you know what you ain’t got – STAYING POWER.”

So yeah that was less Oprah and more….me, but whatever I awesome too even if I am not on any big ol’ money making list from hell.

Pfft. Forbes. WHATEVER. I hope it burns to the ground.

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