Yeah. That happened.

There isn’t much I don’t love about Saffron Burrows. This delectable Irish actress has talent and cheekbones for days. She used to seriously date Alan Cumming. She totally then got her own brand of gay on with FIONA SHAW, guys, and then was all “Evsies,” when the press went bananas. I like her. She was perfect in both Circle of Friends and Matchmaker. I like her a lot. She’s solid. She has recently had lip injections done, but I have been kind and not included those photos. I judge that choice, judge me for judging it, etc.

girl, you lucked out big time. Trust.

Why she lowered herself to air on the “Ha Ha, pilot? What pilot for FOX’S SOON TO BE HIT DRAMA THE LOCATOR that we have conveniently sandwiched into the 19th episode of the 6th season of Bones? I don’t know what you mean, Rebecca Jane, stop yelling, calm yourself, put the knife down!” we’ll never know, so I have to say I was gleeful to learn via the Hollywood Reporter and my trusty Boss that Fox was reimagining the role.

Reimagining means Fired in Hollywoodese, btw.

Normally I’m all, “Ouch. Fired huh?” when anyone I know loses their job. But in this instance I kinda wanna be like “Girl whatevs! That is a sinking ship, and much love? But your cockney accent was basically the worst I’ve heard since this guy – ”

he saw the future. it held penguins.

Seriously y’all. It was wretchawfubadness.

On to bigger and better things, Saff! When the Locator is cancelled, I’ll make us Pimm’s cups and we can play croquet on my roof. Because it will still be warm out. What I’m saying here is that it won’t last. And also that my roof is maybe a bad idea because I live on the highway and there is not sort of barrier between you and the highway four floors below.

Look at how big Minnie Driver’s face was in Circle of Friends, guys:

it's like the moon ate the world.


The Hollywood Reporter

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