There’s a lot of anger in the Capitol today. Representative Senfronia Flores of Houston got up and called out the sexism running rampant in Texas’s House of Representatives. She called them OUT.

Mandatory sonograms for women seeking abortions.

Defunding Planned Parenthood, which despite what some people say, does NOT spend it’s time aborting babies. In fact most of the time it’s making sure women’s (and men’s) plumbing is working and that they’re informed as to ALL their options. Whether it’s raising a child or giving an infant up for adoption or having an abortion.

Defunding contraceptive initiatives. Because either no sex or a baby guys. (Something that had one male representative calling for extending support for children in low income families as a response.)

And then, finally. This. I didn’t put this behind a NSFW tag because it’s circulating the Capitol.

What? We love women.

This was in response to a bill about regulating consolidated insurance programs. There was no mention of lady parts or babies. But the bill was put forward by liberal women so let’s throw a boob up there and giggle.

She got a standing ovation. You should watch the video. There is a lot of earned wrath in that video.