Molly, girl, I KNOW. I'm sad about this being the last trailer and the last Harry Potter film too.

That high-pitched keening noise your animals probably heard if you live in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, or Louisiana was me. I can’t even describe the noise that trickled forth from my throat while watching the Harry Pottertrailer. There are DRAGONS and assaults and I don’t even know what else…besides Ginny looking uber concerned and Molly being all “MAMA BEAR CONSUME EVIL LET’S GO LESTRANGE.”

I didn’t geek out. Whatever. We’re through internet. Don’t you judge me for my weird noises!

And here’s the trailer because I love you FemPop readers!

Go watch the last Harry Potter trailer ever in Quicktime!

As for Torchwood? The weird trailer/interview thing is longer and not nearly as compelling and I’m still sad about Ianto so I’m having trouble summoning any odd noises while watching it. I am curious as hell about seeing this series though. Jane Epenson, of Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones, did a lot of the writing and as you can see from that CV she’s kind of amazing.

Discuss the weird noises and your unrestrained excitement in the comments below.

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