A running joke in nerd circles is the skimpiness of women’s outfits. Dudes are a step away from Robocop they’re so festooned in armor but women usually get some butt floss and some shin guards the people call it a day.

And video games? You are THE WORST about this. Like, remember that abortion of a Prince of Persia game where Linkin Park always played and the Prince ran around growling at people like he was auditioning for the role of Wolverine and that one chick just wore a few pieces of metal she found on the street but arranged in such a way that it was a marvel her nipples never popped out?

God I hated that game. If every copy on the planet was melted and sent into the sun I would be okay with that.

ANYWAYS. Tirade about bad games over, women be allergic to clothes in video games. Especially when armor is required. And it makes no sense. Chicas some tuna fish cans chained over your tatas will not protect you when orcs comes rushing towards you wielding GIANT AXES.

But someone at NetherRealm Studios realized the same and they were like, “let’s fanwank an explanation for this butt floss.”

Enter Skarlet.

It would be easy to make a period joke right now. Please note that I am refraining.

She is not wearing clothes. She is wearing a hand towel, bra and hooker boots. But it’s okay because her BLOOD IS HER WEAPON. Yeah. She kills people with blood. The more wounded she is the more powerful she is. Thank you NetherRealm Studios. This is the best reason I’ve ever seen for a woman in a skimpy outfit in a game with swords and knives and things. And I’m being completely serious.

Also, I hope this woman is in early onset menopause or woe be the opponent she meets with Aunt Flo comes to town.

And because I have to make another period joke…

Don't judge me. Judge the woman who can't even spell the color she wears right.

Skarlet is available as DLC for Mortal Kombat next Tuesday, June 21st.

NOTE: Does this article make me a bad feminist? Sound off in the comments below!

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