As I wrote last night, the sweet and sad sounds of early Radiohead filled my apartment, and rather than get up and change the music, or take a long hot bath with a sharp razor, I was all “RJ, mental note, Thom Yorke is a sexy fucker.”

can't hear. too sexy.


Because he totally is. It’s not even going over board to say that this British songwriter, pianist, and guitarist changed the face of rock in the 90s and keeps changing it today. You only need to listen to The Bends and then listen to Kid A to know I speak I truths. Additionally Yorke survived an eye condition as a kid that included having to wear an eye patch, he went to Oxford for a time where we met the lady love he is still with, he overcame some issues with being an asshole new rockstar, and now spends his days making bitching music and being a dad.

Pretty sexy.

  • Lizzy

    He is an ugly/beautiful sexy beast. Uber talented, smart, sexy, charming, wild and provocative. And so small a woman can’t resist trying to protect him. What’s not to love?