Earlier this week Cody was playing some Modern Warfare 2 when he came up against this irritating pre-teen. He got mad. Then the pre-teen’s mom got on and got mad right back. And he recorded the whole thing.

And then he put it up on Youtube.

And then he felt the wrath of the internet because he was kind of a terrible person for what he said and did.

He spoke with Kotaku about the incident. And whereas the video (which Youtube took down and the guy put back up here) is full of vitriol and people being MONUMENTAL idiots ‘Cody’ presents himself on Kotaku as a fairly intelligent young man who let his temper get out of hand. It’s especially telling that he apologized, admitted he was wrong, and then hosted the offending video on his own site. That’s some guts and recognition of a mistake people.

If you’re curious to see how fast a seventeen year old can backtrack and would like to see a high schooler take responsibility for his actions you should check out what he said.

[quote align=”center”]”It’s what I usually do, someone starts yelling at me, I’m like, ‘OK,’ block, mute and hop off, but because my friends were around, I was trying to act tough.”[/quote]

One of the most telling parts of his interview and the bit that struck out at me. I’ve been reading Michael Kimmel’s superlative Guyland and in it he talks about how guys do not look to women or adults for approval, but to their peers. And there above we have a perfect example. He called a woman all sorts of lovely names because he wanted his friends to think he was tough.

And then, away from the gaze of his friends he realizes his mistake and fesses up.

But don’t worry! He still has excuses. Though they’re so vague I’d prefer to call them non-excuses.

Per his use of the word “faggot:”

[quote align=”center”] “I’m not meaning to use it in a way that offends people who are homosexual, but of course it can be portrayed that way.”[/quote]

And here he let’s us know why you shouldn’t say “retard:”

[quote align=”center”]”When people say ‘retard,’ maybe they don’t mean it,” he said. “But you wouldn’t call somebody that in front of someone who is developmentally disabled.”[/quote]

Just…wow. A remarkable lack of self-awareness.

According to Kimmel this is all exemplary of the “Guy Code.” The rules by which adolescent males in America live by. Be tough and crass so guys will think you’re tough and crass and respect you more because toughness and crassness are highly valuable traits for me.

Only Cody was in the video game community where many men don’t recognize the traditional values of masculinity (except for the ones playing Madden). They’re not “bros” that group we all think of when someone says “manly” now days. In fact men in the video game community frequently reject that idea of masculinity.

In the future poor Cody may end up being a great case study in the pitfalls of traditional values of masculinity as presented in video games. Poor guy.

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