Oracle/Batgirl/Barbara Gordon isn’t someone you f*ck with. She’s been a representation of feminism and a wonderful role model for the disabled–especially those wheelchair bound due to spinal cord injuries. I could spend hours talking about how awesome she is and how nuanced a character she is. And if you’ve caught me drunk and happy after a comic reading binge you’ve had to deal with these talks.

I’ve already expressed my reservations for her Lazarus like return to the Batgirl mantle. And today we find out exactly how she’s returning to the role she created.

From Bleeding Cool via DC Women Kicking Ass:

[quote align=”center”]For example – Batgirl. The Killing Joke still happened and she was Oracle. Now she will go through physical rehabilitation and become a more seasoned and nuanced character because she had these incredible and diverse experiences.[/quote]

So apparently if you believe hard enough while missing a chunk of your spine you can walk again.

And yeah, I’m mildly irritated by this and I get why fans are upset. But why were they okay with the variety of amputees in the comic universe who snap their fingers and get new limbs? Amputations are just as devastating an injury and just as common (maybe more so in these times of war). They can create just as fractious an emotional response in the survivor and they deserve to be treated just as seriously.

Look at Roy Harper. He lost his arm a few years ago and got a brand new one that was stronger and smarter and just as capable as the old one. Not even close to realistic. Oh but there was a downside to his sweet new arm. Phantom pain! Only phantom pain is a common ailment in ALL amputees and they don’t get a brand spankin’ new robot arm in exchange.

So where is the outrage over Roy Harper? And where is the outrage over his makeover for the relaunch of the new DC universe? In case you missed:

Note the arm.

Barbara Gordon isn’t the only character finding herself miraculously healed by the DC reboot.

I would love love love if DC used their injuries as an opportunity to explore the minds of those who survive similar injuries, but I can’t in good conscience get terribly worked up over Barbara Gordon’s new legs when Roy Harper is waltzing around with a new arm.

Agree with me? Have a whole bevy of examples to use to put me in my place? Sound off in the comments then!

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