Marines are teh sex.

I know what you’re thinking.


Peter Effing Sarsgaard, that’s who.

Why am I even thinking of this actor, you might ask?

Because, aside from having some awesome acting talent, and looking HAWT when bald… oh, and for being timidly hawt in the horrible 90’s massacre The Man in the Iron Mask…

Sarsgaard's hair: possibly the best part of this movie.

He was somehow cast in the new Green Lantern movie and I, being the dorky 90’s girl that I am, immediately recognized him, despite his decidedly unsexy appearance.

Mutated heads: NOT teh sex.

I really really hope to see this guy in more big movies now.  He’s only 40.  He can win that Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, dangit!

And so, I leave you with a more sexy picture than the previous:

Smoking. Gun. Bald. Triple sex.

Have a super sexy Sunday night!


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