This past Friday the last Harry Potter film ever premiered to astounding praise and record-breaking box office earnings. It also made me weep and had me excited for the super sweet multi-part BBC miniseries that we’ll get ten years from now with will lead to all sorts of online debates about which is better the movies or the BBC series.

Then twenty years from now our children will all watch the Harry Potter anime where students race their brooms through showers of cherry blossoms, Draco and Harry have a contentious but super sultry relationship and Hermione goes crazy, murders Lavender and takes Ron’s decapitated head on a boat ride.

But for now we have the books, those movie posters that hung on our walls in college and the films themselves. And it’s from the films that we find our Sexy Sunday awardees today.

Is it Daniel Radcliffe?

I am a perv.

Emma Watson?

She looks like Mia Farrow with that haircut whatever. 

Rupert Grint?


Eff no. It’s Neville.


He’s barely legal and I feel a little pervy putting him up here but the guy has turned into a stone cold fox and I’m positive that he’s the one cast member no one thought would be so hunky ten years ago.

Matthew Lewis we salute you.

Double boom.