The last time a telenovela was adapted for American audiences we got the severely underrated Ugly Betty. That show was wicked fun and just the right blend of commentary, irony and willful naiveté. I loved it.

Terminales is no Ugly Betty. It’s basically The Big C but telenovela style which means ten times more enjoyable. So the lead will learn something important, all the bad people will die and there are tons of smoking hot dudes. A beautiful young publicists gets the cancer and then the nose bleeds ala Scully. I think one of the dudes she makes eye sex with also has the cancer and it looks like some terminal cancer lady patient lives life to the fullest by kissing another lady.

Attractive people slowing dying from the terminales which is my new synonym for cancer.

The trailer for the original looks crazy awesome. The ABC Family version will no doubt be super colorful and star a girl with a feather in her hair. Also she may be younger than this publicist because ABC Family caters to tweens and cancels amazing shows about twentysomethings (I’ve been mourning The Middleman a lot lately I don’t want to talk about it).

The American adaptation is coming from the pen of Del Shore. Besides working on some pretty toothless tv Shore also wrote Sordid Lives, a play about a Texas family with issues. It later became a movie full of awesome people like Beau Bridges, Bonnie Bedelia and Delta Burke. Then it became a short-lived series on LOGO. Dude knows how to milk a property it seems.

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