I don’t know what happened, but this entire article should only be read using the voice of a Valley Girl or Lumpy Space Princess. Attempting to read it like a normal person will probably hurt your brain and lead to repeated viewings of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.

So I wrote this review that said the women in Deus Ex: Human Revolution were boring and also I talked about how the black people glowed and it creeped me out. And then like, this whole group of the internet hated me because I said the game was the worst and women need to be paragons of awesomness (basically Xena). And it was the worst–the absolute worst. I cried and then overdosed on toffee saltines.

But now, there is this video of this character?

I didn’t see her because I was busy avoiding homeless people in the game because they might mug me. But holy Bush Dodger she basically talked like a southern black woman from a film circa 1935. Only more racist. It has seriously offended my inner person of absolute awareness. And by my inner person of absolute awareness I mean it is really pretty racist and maybe Eidos Montreal should have thought about that and their complete lack of foresight saddens me.

I mean, like, the really bad Zhao “women always underestimate men” face punch joke was really stupid and dumb and a little offensive? But I basically said that it felt like Eidos Montreal was completely unaware of what they were doing and who they might hurt so you couldn’t be too mad. And now there is, like, Stepin Fetchit 2.0 rooting through trash cans. So this is basically two straight up instances of Eidos Montreal not being in tune with their white dude privilege?

I do not appreciate that. It hurts me in my heart. I want to cry. And I do not think I can now so easily absolve them of their ignorant insensibility (is that even a thing? Tell me now).

I want to also chat with Mary DeMarle because she totally designed the whole story. And maybe these white dudes Andrew Farrar and James Swallow because they were super busy writing dialogue and that dialogue is offending various and sundries. And also Swallow–who makes me think of blow jobs in the back of ’88 Mustangs–developed the story for one of my totally favorite episode of Star Trek: Voyager because yes I have those.

Eidos Montreal has basically just become a cautionary tale. If you are not a black or a lady or gay or any other minority that gets hassled because you’re not an adult white male who likes vaginas then you maybe need to stop and think about how your representation of various and sundry minorities and disenfranchised groups might be perceived. Don’t be Michael Bay all shooting slow mo boobies and filling his movies with CYBORG Stepin Fetchits. I mean…you can, dude is rich, but he’s also a d-bag.

Now I have to go. My shoe is filling up with blood.

Source [Escapist, All of the internet]

  • Logan Walmsley

    If you are so offended, don’t play, they have every right to make a game how they wish. I am tired of people getting offended by a game/video/book. It’s a creative piece. People get offended by art, however, you don’t see them posting on how, “it hurts me in the heart” across the internet. It’s as simple as if you don’t like it don’t watch/read/listen to it. 

    • Dude, everyone has the right to make their art, and everyone has the right to be offended by art, or defend art, or make art that protests the original art. 

      If you honestly think that people have never taken to their blogs to complain about offensiveness in creative products then I can only assume you’re illiterate and I really want to applaud you for taking your first steps towards literacy by reading this article.Also I’m pretty sure you read that article in all seriousness and forgot the disclaimer up at the top. And that sir? That really hurts me in my heart. Good day.

  • Not a big gamer myself, but love your articles! I am, however, a HUUUUGE Voyager fan. What’s the afore-mentioned favorite episode?

  • I agree with you on this. You really only talk to her once or twice, but she says quite a bit. I didn’t want to cry like you did, but I did cringe. It was a really good game, albeit not as good as the original. But it could have done without stuff like this. There was at least one other black lady (there may have been more) that had a voice that was almost as bad. It was disappointing. And even the original game wasn’t free of this kind of stuff. The Chinese accents were terrible and offensive. Lots of “in da fresh” and “porice station” and stuff like that. Seriously. Maggie Chow was one of the worst caricatures I’ve seen. It’s possible that it was just a case a hiring a voice actor who couldn’t do the accent, but if that was what happened, they should have fired her and hired someone who could. It pains me because Deus Ex is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Still, it deserves to be called out on that.