Can we have more episodes like Sunday’s episode? The plot moved, the characters all experienced some measure of change, Jesus initiated fire-breathing luchadora mode and Sookie wasn’t the center of things.

It’s never good when your main character, the one meant to anchor the show, is the least interesting. Even worse if she comes off as whiny. Do you really want to be the fourth season of Grey’s Anatomy? Huh? Do you? (I guess this makes Jason George…but with less tearful banging and Sara Ramirez).

With Sookie trapped in the Magic Box or Sapphic Sunflower Shoppe or whatever it falls on everyone else to carry the story. Yeah that includes the people stuck in there with her. Particularly Jesus. He took charge this episode, protected the innocent and saved the day. He had help from his boyfriend, but this was essentially the Jesus show.

I know I should be complaining. The series True Blood is based on is, after all, called the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I do not care. Jesus stole my heart. As I said last week, I could honestly watch LaFayette and Jesus taking their gay Ghost Whisperer show on the road. Especially because unlike Ghost Whisperer interesting things happen and there isn’t a woman winning an Emmy for all the fat girls.

Jason, as great as he was this episode, probably couldn’t carry a show. But lets talk less about Jason spin-offs where he bangs the wrong woman all the time and then does push ups and talk more about how Jason’s has become a Shakespearian fool. He’s the idiot you use for laughs who frequently speaks truths when you least expect it. Loved him hopping out and telling Eric and Bill to get over themselves.

I did not love Bill and Eric offering to kill themselves to save Sookie and frankly it felt out of character. Pam’s response to their idiocy almost made it worth it though. Who doesn’t love a little RPG action eh?

Oh right. All season I’ve been a fan of the Jessica and Jason romance, but in this episode it felt…forced? Rushed? Something seemed off. Like the Sookie/Eric romance, Jessica and Jason seem to be telling us they’re in love more than actually show us they’re in love. At least the actors playing the characters didn’t come off quite as doped up. They have a little pizzaz, even when Jason is looking like those spare ribs I left on the grill too long.

You know who else had pizzaz? Fiona Shaw in her last hurrah as Marnie. At least I assume its her last hurrah. The previews are suggesting that Nelsan Ellis will be doing the heavy lifting next week in regards to the Marnie character.

Watching Marnie again this week I can’t help but notice the absolute contempt Ball and friends have for nerds.

Even if you took out all the vampires, witches and fairies Marnie would still be a socially stunted nerd. She probably goes to Renn Faires on the weekend (and makes mad money reading palms). I bet she’s seen The Craft a couple of times and used to paint her finger nails black. Her best friends are a hot male nurse who likes dudes, and a local waitress who is a single mom. She’s not living the prototypical American dream and she’s painfully aware of that.

Most nerds of a similar ilk do not live the prototypical American dream and they are pretty dang aware of that.

And those nerds? They take to the internet and clog the information highway with bile and scathing remarks. They find someone, anyone, that they can perceive as oppressors and they fashion themselves as the oppressed.

Only they’re not oppressed. Not like the groups they claim as sister and brothers. They’re not women or gays or blacks or Hispanics or any other minority that has at some point been oppressed by the majority. They’re nerds at their computers getting angry because Sady Doyle said Game of Thrones was sexist or George Lucas decided to tweak Star Wars again.

Unlike all the cool nerds who like geeky things but, as a rule, don’t appropriate causes to make themselves feel better, these nerds are also misanthropes (usually). They don’t get people. More importantly they don’t like people.

Marnie is that kind of nerd. She’s found her oppressors (the ultra cool and pretty and powerful vampires). She’s appropriated her cause (Antonia Gavil├ín’s reasonable complaint with sixteenth century vampires hiding in the Catholic Church). She’s even found a group of people she can whip into a frenzy to join her cause. Some, like Tara and Holly, get caught up in the rhetoric and then realize things are out of hand and back away. Others, like Chest Puncher, get their chest punched out for displaying a stupidity and loyalty and blindness to reality usually only seen in the darkest corners of 4-Chan.

Marnie is nothing more than the poor and persecuted nerd. And Alan Ball puts a bullet in her head.

I assume that she’s eventually headed to the great beyond where can hang out with other persecuted nerds turned super villains like Titan, and Barkley in that one episode of Star Trek.

What do they all have in common? Besides unlimited power?

Next week is the True Blood 2-hour finale. If the well-edited trailers are anything to go buy it should be a lot of fun and feature even more great LaFayette/Jesus moments.


  • Look I know Debbie Pelt is supposed to be evil and I’m supposed to hate her but Alcide was a little too violent with her in my opinion and it creeped me out. The line between stopping a potential murderer and man-handling the cheating ex wasn’t strong enough for me to be okay with that.
  • So I guess Tommy really is dead? At least until next week when the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest?
  • And the packleader is dead too!?
  • And now Debbie really will be evil and I will be sad.
  • Andy phoned ET home…or boned a fairy. Your call.
  • I’ve just realized that my definition of misanthropic nerds will probably anger a lot of people. See Arlene below to see all the fucks I give about that.
  • Now for some gifs!