Seriously. Whitney is bad. One of the worst shows out right now. Worse than Playboy Club and that show is about how sexist dudes in the 60s were and half-naked ladies dancing. I hate kicking a kid while they’re down but when a show is this bad and it’s ad campaign that offensive it’s really really difficult not to.

I don’t know what went wrong but I want to blame Executive Producer Betsy Thomas. Mainly because of all the shit she talked about the other comedies in the Thursday night NBC comedy block. LADY YOUr SHOW IS TERRIBLE SO MAYBE DON’T THROW STONES.

Also maybe don’t go into the trials of being an unmarried heterosexual couple when gay people are currently fighting for the right to get married. That’s like a 60s sitcom about a white couple who can’t eat at a black restaurant.

To sum up my review:

  • Verdoux