It’s the Rape of Nanjing, Bale, not a delicious steak. Maybe you should stop looking at that female body (thoroughly dehumanized) like she’s delicious delicious red meat.

I’m all for a good and serious film about what happened in Nanjing. It’s incredibly important that we don’t forget our past. And John Magee, the man Bale is playing, was an amazingly brave Episcopal priest who documented the massacre and saved over 200,000 lives.

But this poster? This poster makes me want to vomit.

Here’s hoping the film, Zhang Yimou’s Flowers of War is incredibly more tactful than this marketing abomination.

  • Maybe you should realize that the shot of Bale is taken from a shot in the movie and its been photoshoped behind the picture of the woman. The 2 pictures don’t even match are really that stupid. And Bale had nothing to do with the poster that issue belongs to someone else.

    • Oh no I have it on good authority that Bale demanded that the poster be him looking hungry behind a photoshopped woman with no face. Bale DEMANDED it. Because Bale is a terrible human being. It certainly wasn’t a marketing thing and that certainly isn’t mentioned in my tear down. Nope I was gunning for Bale. What a jerk that guy is.

      • Aaand this is now moderated for failure to abide by the commenting policy. XOXO Alex.

        • wait a second….can a person troll their own website? EDUCATE ME AKGIRL78! Then go read our commenting policy. Also, I have always loved you.

  • Whatever I think its sad that the only reason you posted this was so you could rip on someone you don’t even know. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion but why be hateful? I think Bale is a great actor I can’t wait to see this movie which is now titled “The Flowers of War” despite the poster being lame. Which again I say he had nothing to with.

  • I’d love to but since you keep deleting my comments I’m not going to have a one sided dialoge with you. Thanks for asking people to stick to your comment guidelines but then act like a bully on your own site. My 1st comment was out of line sorry about that but everything I’ve posted since has been 100% true.

    • It’s true. We aren’t bullies – we are dictators. And the second you called the editor of the site an idiot we went ten kinds of Stalin on you. Cause and effect.

      If you had started your dialogue by saying “Guys, I really like Christian Bale, this seems mean,” you would’ve been welcomed with open arms.

      But that’s not the route you went down. In fact, if you’d read closely you’d seen that the editor responsible for this piece is still looking forward to the movie and is a fan of most Bale’s work.

  • As soon as the editor starts deleting comments, I feel less compelled to read your news stories. You see, I find the comments the most interesting part of a news story. You miss the point about comments, its to see people’s uncensored reaction.
    What I’m saying is get the readers more credit. We all know how the internet is like. Some people over react, it’s bound to happen. But taking matters into your own hands isn’t the way to go.
    Censoring the right things is ok. Racism is one of the things to censor.

    • I wholeheartedly agree – comments are crucial, and a big part of why I – for one – wanted to get involved with a blog.

      As you said, racism is something to be edited. To our thinking, so are deliberately derogatory comments, comments that dilute the conversation’s potency, things of that ilk we will continue to delete.

      That said, we beyond appreciate the feedback of thoughtful commenters like you, and will always consider the feelings of the reading community in our editorial decisions.

  • Min Luo

    do you notice there are a bunch of  bayonets against the girl? Bale’s  reaction is sad, helpless……definitely not tacky