I cannot tell a lie. Upon opening my brand new beautyblender designed by celeb-fabulous makeup artist Rea Ann, I immediately went to this. Then I smelled it. This all beggars explanation. Well for the second, in the past when I’ve used makeup sponges they have always smelled of burnt tires and sadness. For the second, my subconscious tends to exist solely to make connections between my life and Jurassic Park, so there you go.

Now, when I mentioned my burnt-tire smellin’ sponges of yore, I should make it clear – I almost never use sponges. They just sort of drag the makeup around my face and leave me tainted with an aroma I’ve made pretty clear is damned unpleasant. Plus the amount of garbage I generate of a daily basis is pretty high anyway (my predilection for individually wrapped pieces of candy is shameful – I’m sorry, Mother Earth.) without me adding several million sponges to the pile.

I had basically reconciled myself to a life of either using the poof that comes with my powder makeup and cringing in horror at its growing custiness, or applying my beloved liquid face makeups with my vaguely raccoon-like digits. Which is totally gauche! Not only are fingers imprecise, but their oils can totally eff up your effect – especially if you’re going for a matte look. (PREACH.)

All these things considered, is it any wonder that I was vaguely skeptical of my newly acquired beautyblender? But, sitting pretty within its adorable plastic confines, I was moved to try the thing due to the fact that it was plain adorable.

First off – the sniff test. It smelled – of nothing! I immediately nuzzled it in thanksgiving and while I don’t think it’s necessarily “suede” in feel as advertised, it’s for sure soft enough to rub on your face, (or your other body parts? Which I’m pretty sure the fine folks at beautyblender do not endorse.)

Secondly, the application process. They recommend ‘bouncing the sponge against your skin,’ which aside from being hilarious, is also a technique called stippling – like you would do to a wall or what not when painting, the idea is to blend. For my test I used my everyday liquid makeup and YOU GUYS. IT TOTALLY WORKED! After I realized that bouncing the sponge on my face wasn’t the same as punching myself in the face with it, I couldn’t get over how smooth the finish of the makeup appeared. Also awesome, its narrow end is ideal for working around your nose and eyes. Probably yours ears too if you apply makeup there. I don’t know. But I mean. You might?

Two other reasons to check out the beautyblender – it’s eco-friendly! I mean, you can reuse the eff out of this little fella! (they sell a cleaner too, but I’m pretty sure your own fav soap would work) But when the guy is really done for this world – you can mail him back for recycling! Awesome! ALSO I found that when using it, I actually used less foundation than I would normally for equal coverage. Which means more dollars, and we all love dollars because they buy us more individually wrapped pieces of candy.

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