The last time I talked about the Duggars on this site, I wanted to walk to gently. After all, we live in a free country, and thankfully (for the moment) women’s reproductive rights are fairly protected. As a woman who isĀ  pro-choice from a legal standpoint and has been given an internet pedestal, I felt it was very important for me to make it clear that I respected Michelle’s decision to carry her 19th child, but was saddened that both she and her baby had to experience such a tough pregnancy and so many complications.

I was also concerned about her motives. If you take some time and go and read Michelle and Jim-Bob’s story, it’s hard not to ache for the former supporters and users of birth control who, when they decided to start their family, were faced with miscarriage, a punishment they believed was sent their way courtesy of an angry God. But, it’s also hard not to ache when you read about baby 19, daughter Josie, delivered nearly 3 months early, weighing little more than a pound whose early life was fraught with one health crisis after another.

I think this goes beyond an issue of being pro-choice or being anti-choice and becomes an issue of parenting. I am not a parent – I should make that clear before the assassination attempts begin – and I speak completely from a place of personal opinion when I say, it is irresponsible to knowingly endanger your life and the life of your child when you are already the mother of 18 children, many of whom are still quite, quite young. In fact, I think it undermines the very institution the clan took to the airwaves to promote a respect for: Family.

Kim Kardashian preaches love and being honest and then ditches Kris Humphries after 72 days and the world explodes at her for being false and for devaluing the institution of marriage. While the Duggars have always been consistent in word, having Michelle take to the TODAY show this morning to announce that she is yet again going to be putting herself and another unborn child in a position of extreme danger seems to completely discount and devalue the family she already has.

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