boobs that have been seen cannot be unseen.

  1. Tori Spelling’s husband (Who reminds me of this guy I know, but I would never tell him that for fear of the punching – it’s a compliment, seriously. He seems cool.) accidentally tweeted a picture of her boobs. Straight up boobs, dawg. He took the picture down, but the internet does not work that way and so everyone was like “SPELLING TITS! TORI’S BOOBS GRADUATE! ETCETERA!” I was surprised she hadn’t said anything about it, so when I read that today that she was essentially like, “Whatever, I am awesome,” I was pleased. Tori Spelling, your boobs are indeed like my mother’s second favorite soap opera – Bold AND Beautiful. [Source – New York Daily News]
  2. Kourtney Kardashian is having another baby. I really hope it is her own child and not some foundling they stumbled across in Marakesh and deemed worthy of ascending to the throne of the kingdom of Kardashia simply to distract from the scandal of Princess Kim’s failed union. That would be…wicked…..MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  [Source – MTV]
  3. Kellan Lutz is in the Twilight movies I guess but I couldn’t tell you who he plays – SHUT UP TWIHARDS. What I do know is, he recently gave himself a haircut and I am ooookay with that. Come here and rub oils on my front bottom, Lutz! You there, play some Robin Thicke upon that lute and the rest of you – LEAVE US TO THE BONING! [Source –  Daily Mail]

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