You know Titus Pullo ain't gonna join no Weight Watchers.

  1. Meryl Streep is rocking the ass of off Vogue, making me absolutely sure that I have until  I am 62 to get my shit together, and pose coyly on some rocks to promote the premiere of my newest biopic. [Source – NYDN, AP Wire]
  2. This rumor has been kicking around for some time, but I guess Jessica Simpson is back to potentially shedding her baby-weight via Weight Watchers? SOMEBODY TELL THAT BABY HOW MANY POINTS BREAST MILK HAS, BECAUSE IT IS MANY. (I actually don’t know if that’s true. Any breastfeeders using Weight Watchers have the scoop?) [Source – HuffPo]
  3. Leo DiCaprio apparently has a farty dog and people won’t hang around him. To this I say, clearly Leo is blaming the dog, and I think that this basically the best. [Source – National Enquirer]
  • Iara Maia

    it’s pathetic that you closed down the comments section in the ontd article. fucking deal with it instead of abusing power to shut people off!

    • Comments were closed because they degenerated into ad hominem attacks and nothing useful was being contributed. Moreover ONTD rectified the situation. It is likely how you came by this site.

      But thanks for playing!

      • Iara Maia


        no one apologized or tried to ammend the situation to your liking, you jerk. you’re still bitching over something that doesn’t make any fucking sense and shouldn’t even have been brought up to attention in the first place 

      • Anonymous

        Lol, they rectified the situation? They didn’t shit after you freaked out on them. Nothing was changed, and nobody was punished. There was no rectification, and you’re just acting like you’re over it, because everybody came and told you how wrong you were. Also, it’s nice to see how hard you yourself fail at citing images. Pretentious hypocrite.

        • I’m not sure what pressed is…but showing up on a site three days later to call people names? That seems pressed yo.

          • THIS IS THE BEST.

          • Anonymous

            Three days? More like ONE, but okay. It’s nice that you didn’t even address any of what I said about the supposed rectification, either. Your incompetence is showing, hack. 

    • Uh this comment posted? So your note confuses me, Laura.

      • Iara Maia

        It’s I-A-R-A, honey. With an I, as in I’m with stupid. K? 

  • LBR

    Where’s the credit for this screen cap? Which studio should I notify of your copyright infringement?