If you’ve ever looked at a comic book you’ve seen poses like this:

What. Everyone can show off their boobs and butts at the same time. Riiiight?

If you’ve ever been drunk and talking about comics, or maybe just in a very passionate mood you’ve probably tried to recreate those poses. Maybe you’ve thrown your back out or wept tears as pain wracks through you body or maybe you’ve just looked like a monumental ASS.

Or maybe you’re an actual female contortionist and martial artist and you’ve failed to do those moves despite doing this:

and this

In which case you’ve then written a screed that eviscerates those poses and the artists who draw them.

Also, and go ahead and brick me for saying so, but I’m so turned around by how bad the art and positioning is that I really can’t find them sexy or anything. Which, you know, was probably the whole point of them being drawn that way. I guess some people find torso dislocation sexy? I’m not one of those people.

Just seriously. Artists. I understand artist license. I understand exaggeration. I understand suspending disbelief.

But if a martial artist who is also a contortionist can’t mimic a pose you use constantly for female fighters, there might be a problem in, you know, your choices on basic anatomy.

Head over to the link below to read her epic takedown in full. It’s glorious. I clapped.

Source [justsayin via Comics Are For Girls]

Image Source [justsayin]

  • Matthew Lane

    Um… I’m not sure if you are aware of this but Martial Artists also can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, shoot lasers from there eyes, bounce bullets off there body without harm & run faster then a speeding bullet, turn intangible, nor read peoples minds… If you can accept those things in your comics, you can accept the rest of it: Its all part and parcel of the genre.

    Oh and just FYI, that first pose may not be achievable, but that second one most certainly is. An as a further FYI, those kinds of poorly drawn images are few and far between. If one were to try to paint that as the default, one would have fallen foul of a form of cogntive bias known as Negativity bias

  • Dude, Superman exploding robots is not the same thing as bad art. Drawing women in poses like that is bad art. Just like 95% of everything Rob Liefeld does is bad art.

    More importantly women in improbable action poses in comics is not a rare occurrence. They are incredibly common.

    But thanks for playing!