Kevin Sorbo Has A Twin Named Daphne

  1. We didn’t cover this on Friday because it gave us A Sad, but Heather Locklear was admitted to the hospital for having mixed some pills with some booze and her family is being very, “She is physically fine but mentally not well” and now the media is being all IT IS BECAUSE JACK WAGNER ENDED THEIR ENGAGEMENT but really who cares, she is hurting and she has kids and she used to be married to Tommy Lee so I am sensitive about this and just wish her well. [HollyScoopTV]
  2. Kelsey Grammar and his new wife are expecting twins. I am happy that some children are born.Let us keep are fingers crossed that the fetuses will prove to be male. If such is the case I shall demand that they be named Niles and Frasier. It seems only right. [NYDailyNews]
  3. In Pot news (Dear Boss Alex, can we please start a feature called Pot News? Mainly because me trying to write off pot as a professional expense is a genius notion.) a strain of weed has been named after Beyonce and Jay-Z child, Blue Ivy. If you smoke it you start to cry and poop yourself but also you are covered in diamonds.[LimeLife]