1. Kevin Federline is doing this weight loss show in Australia called Excess Baggage (seriously) and he was workin’ out on the show and pushed too hard and had to be hospitalized for chest pains. That is super awkward. And sad. And man. I never thought a day would come where my heart would go out to KFed. But it happened. Excuse me while I go weep for a while. [NYPost]
  2. That is the sound of a million bloggers slapping their foreheads as Cynthia Nixon discusses her ‘decision’ to be gay. I think, when it comes to sexuality, do you boo, but man Nixon – this is not a thing to say to endear yourself to the community you claim you ‘elected’ to be part of. Also you are starring in Wit right now and I find it tiresome when stars refuse to be advocates for new plays and instead take star turns in shit that’s been done to death. [RadarOnline]
  3. It’s looking more and more likely that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have split. I have been in total denial about this and refused to report on and in fact yelled at a friend being like “Show me the proof, show me the evidence!” But now Paradis showed up at her film premiere sans Depp which is unremarkable, but when asked about the split she said….nothing, which has me concerned. Unless they are taking the higher road? PLEASE BE TAKING THE HIGHER ROAD. [People]