We get in these little bubbles on the internet. I’ve got my RSS reader and Twitter and Facebook and if it doesn’t appear there I don’t know about it. As I use all three for work I shamefully miss big things. My RSS exploded when Whitney Houston passed away but there were only a few articles discussing the fires destroying Greece and the riots in Syria.

When you’re assailed with that kind of information things take priority. Intellectually I know that my RSS feed is a collection of entertainment blogs withe some trade news and feminist musings thrown in, but that doesn’t stop me from being shocked when I emerge from my self-created bubble and realize the whole world is going on and Syria has been building towards civil war for over a year.

Thankfully there is The Good Wife helpfully reminding me and most other Americans that a world beyond our own exists. Eli Golds sparring with his ex-wife and his nemesis and debating the finer points of green borders versus gold borders on political posters seems kind of silly when Kalinda is two offices over talking to a man on a flaky camera. You can see the cracks and the bullet holes in the room he’s taken refuge in and hear the chaos in the streets and even see the severity of the situation in Kalinda’s concern.

Why on earth do borders and Santa Claus socks and Alan Cumming’s romantic triangle with the age appropriate quirky indie darlings Parker Posey and Amy Sedaris matter?

What are they doing that takes precedence over a woman missing for six months in Syria?

Kalinda tells us in her body language and quiet rejections. She hangs up on Eli and avoids him and his nemesis in the office and puts all her focus on things in Syria. She doesn’t give a big speech about how important it is to care. There’s no condescending monologue on how trite Eli’s concerns are in the big picture. She just hangs the phone up and moves on.

Elsewhere in the office Will isn’t finding the case of missing protestors in Syria as important as Kalinda, but he’s still gleeful to appropriate the case to make himself feel better before the Illinois Bar Association suspends his ass for “borrowing” thousands of dollars years earlier. I love how Will spends the entire episode taking the high ground despite less than altruistic motives. He claims to want the Syria case “because it’s right” and he even turns down suggestions to settle from the opposing council and an unrelated client on the grounds of morality.

But it’s really all about Will soothing his own conscience. His past actions have been haunting him all season and here he gets the opportunity to help a doe eyed Jonathan Groff in a well publicized case and then become a martyr by accepting the Bar’s sentence of a six month suspension. It’s a chance for him to look the hero and feel better about all the terrible things he’s done, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that under all the dreamy Will Gardner charm there’s a guy who looks really sinister with a bat.

Alicia takes a backseat this week cracking bad jokes around hostile billionaires and getting jealous of the 1st year associate she’s mentoring. We don’t often get irritated and jealous Alicia but it’s nice to see. It smooths the edges of the character having her get vaguely huffy when Rita Wilson’s high-powered attorney doesn’t remember offering her a job and then her mentee gets a job offer of her own.

And the loveable mentee is starting to bristle under Alicia’s constant advice. Here’s hoping they have a super polite never quite yelling fight before season’s end!

This episode didn’t have me burning with passion like previous episodes but maybe that’s because the main characters all seemed to be operating in different spheres and didn’t interact in any meaningful way.

Or maybe Groff’s constant crying had some sort of hypnotic effect that lulled me into a profound sense of “eh.”

The best parts of the episode were the bits where Cumming, Posey and Sedaris played off each other in some bizarro local version of Tanner ’88. Also Geneva Pine returning after an overdue absence to shut Dana down and be smug about how stupid the entire “destroy Will Gardner” campaign was to begin with.

How I’ve missed you Ms. Pine. Will you now knock some sense into Carey so he stops mooning over Kalinda and Dana biweekly? And maybe tell your boss to stop mooning over the wife he repeatedly cheated on? Basically be the annoyed voice of the audience please.


  • Did this episode feel kind of like an extension of Homeland to anyone else. In my head Claire Danes saved Kalinda’s Syrian contact and they’re fightings terrorists and Damien Lewis together.
  • Green really is an awful color for political posters. Who in their right mind thinks “environment” when they see a dumb floating head girthed in Kelly green?
  • I like that Sedaris’s character wears Santa socks, and that one of her pleasures in life is insisting that they’re Eli’s.
  • Will’s last lawyer act is to hand a case over to Alicia. Specifically a case all about Kalinda’s old life. We’ve been sorely lacking in Kalicia bonding time this season so I’m looking forward to this more than Will’s six month hiatus.
  • That was Edward Herrmann as the head of the Bar’s ethics review board….I miss Gilmore Girls too internet.
  • No new episode next week. We can all weep together.

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