In a blast of awesome news Lucy Liu was cast as Watson in the until now ill-advised reimagining of Sherlock Holmes set in modern New York.

Before she signed on it basically sounded like BBC’s ridiculously popular and homofabulous Sherlock? And also Fox’s once ridiculously popular and not nearly as homofabulous House M.D.

But now she’s there and people who were having feelings are having much more intense and often negative feelings.

See Watson is Holmes’ muscle. He’s his right hand man. He’s the bad ass soldier and practical one to Sherlock’s pill popping asshole who can’t communicate with the world without pissing it off. He’s a peacemaker.

And for some people apparently that means he CANNOT be a woman. Even though you know, all of this:

Red headed Watson.

Hyper competent Watson.

Watson is secretly Sherlock.

Watson is secretly a Time Lord.

Watson is half a Watson--and nearly murdered by Sherlock.

The HORROR. A competent lady sidekick to a wacky dude? What will happen next?!

“But it is Sherlock Holmes. YOU CAN’T.”

Yes you can. Dude fights dinosaurs in comics and travels through time and was twice played by a ruggedly handsome Robert Downey Jr. in a steampunk in everything but name adaptation. If you can do all that then Watson can be a woman.

“If they turned Irene Adler into a man you’d be pissed.”

If this means Sherlock is going to be seduced by a man in a bustier I’m all for it.

“But I want Sherlock and Watson to be dudes and bang.”

Um…it is an American show? On CBS? That was an unrealistic dream long before Liu entered the picture.

“But she’s ASIAN.”

If that is your problem you’re clearly racist and we should not be talking to each other lest your stupidity catches.

“But this means Tang will leave Southland and she’s been one of the best parts of this fantastic season!”

That is a valid concern. You may proceed with being upset by the potential offing of Tang.

Remember how she beat that dude down? And also ripped into a gross documentary crew? Yeah she's basically the best.

Source [TVLine]

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