Oh my god you seriously haven’t watched Gavin & Stacey? Get away from me you monster! Get away and go to your local place of shame to present yourself for a pubic shaming! Ha, ha, ha, I meant ‘public’ but that typo is delicious and so it remains: Your pubes should be shamed for having never seen this show.

Gavin & Stacey is about, well, a couple of lovers named Gavin and Stacey. But it’s about more than that.

It’s about Gavin and his family – his mother and father, his Aunt Dawn, and his best friend Smithy. And it’s about Stacey and her family – her mother, her uncle Bryn, and her best friend Ness. It is both, a love story in the romantic sense, and a love story in the familial sense.  As Gavin and Stacey finally meet face-to-face (their courtship began as in-office , work-sanctioned flirtation.)  and embark on a long-distance relationship between his home in Essex and her home in Wales, they start falling for each other, and inevitably hitting up against obstacles of banal logistics – living so far apart from each other – and potential deal breakers: She’s been engaged multiple times.

As the action unfolds and they start falling for each, and we start falling not only for them – but for the people in their lives who have made them who they are. Oh my gosh you guys I just got emotional thinking about it! Do not misunderstand – while the show is not without its genuinely tear-jerky moments (Stacey’s Letter From Her Dad!) it is a straight-up, genuine, hilarious, good time. This is in large part due to the writing – by James Corden who plays Smithy, and Ruth Jones who plays Nessa. Yes guys, sometimes you just move over and let the best friends write your rom-com and quietly take it over with their own larger than life (trite of me much?) characters and incendiary B-Story line- it will be infinitely better! Corden and Jones are a killer writing team, pairing raunch with wit, rapid-fire pop cultural references with specific, dynamic, eccentric characters, and a sense of what true ensemble means with a passion for a good old fashioned sing along:


While the writing is electrically good (I have reservations about the last episode – but I am more than willing to admit that this could be in large part because I did  not want the show to end.) it is the cast that elevates this show to another level. They could try to make a stateside version (and I would vomit as Essex and Wales were switched for say, LA and New York (OH MY GOD NETWORK PERSON READING THIS GO AWAY! GO AWAY FOREVER!) but no matter how well adapted, it would lack the alchemical tang of what happens when you put Joanna Page, Matthew Horne, Ruth Jones, James Corden, Rob Brydon (FOREVER) Melanie Walters, Larry Lamb, and Alison Steadman in a room together.

I mean, how can you not love this? HOW:


It was on Netflix Instant View for a while but now it’s not – a licensing thing I’m guessing? But there are a myriad of other ways to get your mitts on it – old skool NetflixiTunes, and Amazon – as linked below.


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