Tom Cruise is not engaged to Halle Berry.

  1. On the internet, all the gossips mavens are being all “You guys, Olivier Martinez confirmed that he and Halle Berry are ENGAGED!” Then they began squealing and frolicking through some lawn sprinklers. If this is true, awesome! But since Halle’s pretty anti-marriage and since what actually happened was a gaggle of paps were chasing Martinez and bellowed at him about the rumors, and he responded with “Yes, of course it’s true.” And you guys, that’s either him being honest or sarcastic as hell. Either way I am entertained. [E!]
  2. I sincerely hate Daylight Savings. In the spring, I do anyway. You know who else hates being all sleepy? Many, many, celebrities. Please enjoy this TMZ-compilation of very tired famous people. [TMZ]
  3. Aw man. Can you imagine waking up and turning on the TV for sound as you’re getting ready and hearing Jon Hamm say you are stupid? That’s got to feel shitty. Anyway, Jon Hamm made a good point in talking about contemporary culture and said that “Be it Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, stupidity is celebrated,” which I mean, is mostly true, but also maybe lump a dumb dude in there? And not just name famous lady-ditzes? And, I hate being this person, but say what you will about Kim Kardashian – woman has made an empire out of nothing. Nothing, Jon. She’s stupid like a fox. [NYPost]

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