The Drover has thrown a phone or two in his day.


  1. In New Orleans Russell Brand got annoyed at a paparazzi taking his photo and hurled the dude’s iPhone, breaking a window. He hilarious said that he hated to see Steve Jobs’s memory being disrespected, but this didn’t stop a warrant for his arrest being issued. He turned himself in, he’s out again now, and so ends maybe the most boring celebrity arrest news ever. I blame Katy Perry. [TMZ]
  2. You know that show the Talk? No, not the Chew, not the Soup, not the View – the talk? Sharon Osbourne is on it. Whatever, me either but Leah Remini is apparently pissed that she was given the boot and is blaming Mrs. Osbourne on the Twitter. A year after it happened? That seems weird to me. Also, this is the second time in as many days that one celebrity has deliberately baited another on Twitter and the accused has responded like a kind, but vaguely baffled adult. (M.I.A. and Anderson Cooper – I’m looking at you!) [NYPost]
  3. Just the other day a friend and I were discussing how Ashley Judd is the lady version of Harrison Ford, all aging naturally and making movies where they loudly bellow about saving their families while shooting big guns, so I was annoyed when poor Judd – who clearly had the flu and a sinus infection – appeared on Canadian Television with a face clearly puffy from medicine and was roundly accused of going under the knife. LEAVE ASHLEY JUDD ALONE WORLD, SHE NEEDS TO FIND HER SON! [NYDN]