Mr. Darcy wanted to riot but feared mussing his locks.


  1. I can never remember Penelope Ann Miller’s face. I confuse it with Leslie Anne Warren’s face. Which while confusing, I also freely admit to being greatly entertaining. I view constantly looking up the two of them as my equivalent of doing crosswords to keep mentally spry. In less fun jibes about senility and our constant road to the grave, Penelope Ann Miller is getting divorced. I do not know what Leslie Ann Warren is doing maritally speaking. [E!]
  2. Mike Sorrentino – better known as “The Situation”, is apparently in rehab. Except for some sources are saying he isn’t in rehab. While other insist this is the case. I don’t know guys, and the thought that this poor guy whose been bred up to drink and party and make a fuss for dollars is now in treatment is kind of gross. I need to go think about things for a while. [TMZ]
  3. Not a good day for Jamie Wylett, the dude who played Crabb in the Harry Potter movies. In a case of life imitating art, Wylett turned his girlfriend into a radish yesterday. I’m kidding, I’m kidding – he was sentenced to two years in the clink for his involvement in the London riots. He was also busted for possession (just pot) in 2009. Ah, movies villains. [NYDN]
  • TheBestofAlexandra

    Re:  Penelope Ann Miller.  I have the opposite problem with that lady.  I can always pick her out, and I can always remember her name, which is weird, because I cannot list more than two movies she’s in and I can’t think of a good reason why I should know who she is.