Mr. Darcy is not pregnant


  1. God help me but I kind of love Giuliana and Bill Rancic, and frankly, what with her cancer and repeated attempts to get pregnant including publicly going through a miscarriage, I’m psyched a fuck that they are having a baby with the help of a surrogate. Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and that shit makes me emotional, but damned if I’m not tearing up right now! [E!]
  2. Do you guys wanna know who Katy Perry is making out with? Because I don’t! I don’t care. Not even a little. The other day when I was hung over I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how mad I would be if someone tweeted that because remember that time Russell Brand ‘accidentally’ tweeted that make-up free photo of her? Good times. Anyway she is making out with the guy who plays an instrument in a band. [TMZ]
  3. Jessica Simpson is still pregnant, sending tweets about how everyone saying she has already given birth is a liar.  I am pleased to report that while she claimed she would be in heels until the end, she has banished stilettos but appears to be feeling some ennui having done so. Also I love her forever. [NYDN]