I seriously debated using the word fingerbang when writing this recap. Was it too rude? I asked a few friends and then texted my dad and as he didn’t know what it meant I figured it was a-okay. This is mainly important because he likes to read the site and doesn’t understand that is has multiple authors and loves to text me weird things like:

Alex, stop talking about vaginas.

A disturbing text to receive at 3 a.m. when you’re out drinking with friends on vacay.

But yeah, Kalinda fingerbanged her flirty FBI friend and my computer exploded with the hotness. Here is a photo so your computer can explode as well.

She was doing that not because FBI Agent Lana is so smoking her fingers were compelled to bangarang away, but because FBI Agent Lana is obsessed with her and went and stirred up trouble with the most powerful criminal in Chicago in Kalinda’s name and the guy politely told Kalinda that she and Alicia would be murdered if FBI Agent Lana didn’t stop.

So fingerbanging commenced.

I really like that word.

They're clearly thinking that I should shut the hell up.

In other banging news Alicia and Cary are now friends because Alicia got him a job and they drank together and even though they’re purely platonic and he was in jammies when she was killing herself in the first episode of ER I kind of want him to be her new Will? It will never happen. They’re just work friends and that is more than enough. He can be her first season Will. They can talk in low murmurs and rehash the good ol’ days and then get drunk together.

Peter continued to be sketchy this episode by doing one of those “I demand loyalty” speeches that ended with him firing Cary. Those speeches are irritating because they always come from guys who demand loyalty but are not themselves loyal. Now Peter will actually have to talk to the rest of his staff. I don’t think he even knows they exist most days. Probably because they are not white and not former co-workers of his sometimes enemy Will Gardner.

Who got laaaaaid. He’s bangaranging a potential new litigator for the firm but he didn’t know she was up for the job. That did not stop Diane from telling him to keep it in his pants.

Diane is the best for that reason alone.

She may also be the best because she got Cary hired even though Will and the new name partner were against it. Will because he is threatened by Cary’s preppy East Coast masculinity and the new guy because he thinks Cary is gay.

This is because the new guy fell out of a sketch comedy show from 1957. He is old, cranky, and oblivious to all things. His presence felt a tad hokey. Every joke based on his character is older than that water bottle girdle Red Skelton used to squeeze into (I’m on a Red Skelton kick. Sorry.). BUT it worked? Jerry Adler gives the old man lawyer a little something special. Keeps him grounded so he doesn’t become too cartoonish. He was about one joke away from being featured on Modern Family and this episode was already filled with enough cartoonish gentlemen.

Like Stephen Root and David Paymer! They were on hand as judges in the case of the week, only Paymer’s Good Wife regular, Judge Wicks, was in front of the bench rather than behind it. He was up on charges after being accused of tampering with a case twenty years earlier. He got off…I think–this was around the same time Kalinda was having her conversation with FBI Agent Lana so I just assumed everyone got off.

Root was a pleasant surprise as a folksy small town judge. Every time I expected them to ridicule rural America at his expense the zigged and zagged and revealed him to be a smart and savvy judge who knew the game well enough to call everyone on it.

Here’s hoping we see more Root in the future.

And here’s hoping this Kalinda storyline takes off soon. It overshadowed Will’s dickering, the case of the week and Jerry Adler annoying half the staff this week and feels like the perfect season’s end storyline.

Mainly because it’s resolving one of the better arcs of the season: the Alicia/Kalinda friendship. She motioned for Kalinda to sit down. It was a big deal.

Poor Cary. Just when he and Alicia become friends she goes and gives his chair to Kalinda.


  • More Wire vets! That was Jim True-Frost as the man out to convict Judge Wicks.
  • Eli was on the back burner this week, but that didn’t stop him from getting Cary fired.
  • Love how they use Lemond Bishop in that they never over use him. Let’s hope that continues as Kalinda’s tax problems become more pronounced.
  • So how honest was Kalinda being with FBI Agent Lana? Was she purely manipulating her or does she actually have feelings for the fed?
  • Next Week: Jackie is back! And Michael J. Fox! And possibly Martha Plimpton?

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