Motley Crue only ever feuds with my heart.


  1. Oh man. I will watch this Magic Mike movie so hard. Not only do we get to see Channing Tatum as a man-stripper, but Matthew McConaughey maaaaay be wearing assless chaps which…he designed himself. There is a God, and the things he has made are great. Additionally Matthew McConaughey claims his character is like Jim Morrison meets A Clockwork Orange, which is adorable because it means Matthew McConaughey does character research now, and potentially highly disturbing if accurate. [Vulture]
  2. “I Can’t Believe Rosie O’Donnell Betrayed Me!” Is the title of my memoir coming to a store near you Is what Lindsay Lohan is saying after Rosie (or Donald Trump in disguise) for no apparent reason went on a tirade about how awful it is that Lohan has been cast as Liz. “Rosie O’Donnell. Calm The Fuck Down. ” Says Rebecca Jane pouring herself a second glass of ‘morning wine.’. [TMZ]
  3. It’s probably a pretty telling thing I harbor a soft spot for Russell Brand, but you guys his testimony in front of parliament about classifying addiction to substances as an illness is pretty compelling and swoon-worthy. Though damned if I didn’t want to give him a haircut and a proper shirt. That said, he is a dirty, dirty cockney. #butseriouslyIhavezerobeefwithcockneys [NYDN]
  • MsJack

    It really is a terrible casting decision. Just blech. 

  • TheBestofAlexandra

    Interested in this memoir.  Is it all about Rosie as Betty Rubble?  Or that bondage cop?  And does Sean Young feature at all?  If so, count me absolutely in on that action.