Michael Keaton is not a serial killer.


  1. Because I live on the East Coast (REPRESENT) I missed Kim Kardashian‘s cameo on 30 Rock Live last night. Unless Kim Kardashian really looks like Sir Paul McCartney without digital filters. I don’t know who I just burned more! Ha ha. I’m drunk. There was also blackface. [E!]
  2. The only thing better than reading creepy, Anne Rule-esque true crime books? Reading creepy, Anne Rule-esque true books as written by the inmate responsible for murdering said serial killer! Or so the dude who killed Jeffrey Dahmer thinks. But, and call me crazy here, if you are pitching a book about how you bludgeoned a cannibal to death with A BROOMSTICK then maybe, maybe I don’t want to support you financially? Because of crazy? [TMZ]
  3. Dear heir to the English throne and the woman you have married in spite of my countless objections. If you want people to get off your nut about having a royal baby soon, please refrain from interacting with newborns whenever they chucked at you. Drop that baby, son. That is all. [NYDN]

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