Nikki Sixx probably did not call Kat Von D.


  1. I actually really think this story Victoria Beckham tells about the time she left her thirteen year old at home accidentally when she was supposed to be driving him to school is pretty charming. I also should take this opportunity to confess to kind of loving her a bit? I think she gets a bad rap in the States, possibly in general. The woman knows she is hilarious – exhibit the time she insisted on changing into heels when a cop pulled her over once. [NYDN]
  2. I don’t dislike Kat Von D. I do not think we’d be friends, but I would like to hear her talk about what it was like to date Nikki Sixx because of how that makes me extremely jealous. The poor lady had some weirdo calling her up at home saying stuff that led her to believe the weirdo was ACTUALLY WATCHING HER! Eeeeps. She did not run up her own stairs weeping but instead called the police. Smart girl. [TMZ]
  3. Jessica Simpson had a baby! It is a girl! Named Maxwell! Which is ballsy! Also I think it is beyond nuts how every news market is covering this by being all “FINALLY.” Hey world. She was pregnant a normal amount of time! Deal with it! [E!]