Was I the only one missing a new Twilight ripoff starring Emma Thompson, the underrated Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Irons and Viola Davis? Because this movie totally exists and it looks like everyone is going full on pulp version of Southern Gothic.

Beautiful Creatures, not to be confused with the murderous lesbian coming of age story from Peter Jackson, follows a teenage girl who has to become either good or evil when she turns 16. She wants to be good but badass ladies in her life want her to be evil, and also it looks like if she loves a boy who isn’t witchy she’ll turn evil or something. I’m not real clear on the plot because I was too busy basking in the warmth of Emma Thompson’s southern accent and obvious delight at playing a villain.

  • Despite some of the kind of bizarre southern accents going on here I am all over this movie. Why have I never heard of this before?! I’m over the angsty teenage romance but Emmy Rossum looks fantastic! Not to mention all the other great actors here. After seeing the trailer I immediately went and got a sample of the book on my Nook.