Did you know that Game of Thrones, specifically the Stark/Lannister conflict, is based on the War of the Roses?

I did not. Probably because my knowledge of the War of the Roses begins and ends with Shakespeare plays which aren’t exactly historically accurate (gasp!).

Phillippa Gregory’s historical fiction series “The Cousins’ War” likely isn’t super accurate either. But that hasn’t stopped BBC from turning it into a super epic chronicling of some of the later years of the War of Roses and all focusing on the ladies who were very, very involved.

It looks like war instigator Margaret of Anjou isn’t a huge part of the series, but her successor, Elizabeth Woodville is!

Woodville, besides being at the heart of the conflict, is also notable for being the first commoner to marry a British king. Yeeeeah girl. Git it.

Got it.

And that king would be Edward IV. He kind of threw away a load of alliances marrying her. He was 6’4″, smoking hot, covered in muscles you wouldn’t believe existed, rich, a major military leader and KING and instead of a European princess that could have helped him in his fight against the Lancasters the York secretly married a Lancaster sympathizer. THEIR TALE WRITES ITSELF.

My excitement for this show knows few bounds.

James Frain will be on hand as the King’s jealous and irritated cousin.

Also Elizabeth’s mother will apparently be a witch. Because. Yeah.

The series, The White Queen cost over 40 millions dollars to produce and was shot all over Belgium, which if you squint and tilt your head just right apparently looks identical to 15th century Britain. So expect pretty scenery, prettier people, and lots of forbidden love.

Source [zConnection]

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