If you are triggered by pedophilia, sexual assault, incest, murder, screaming, food, anything basically than you probably should skip the whole trilogy. If not then enjoy…or be devastated…the latter is much more likely.

That disturbing joy squeal you heard at approximately 10 o’clock central last night was me reading the announcement that William Monahan is directing Charlize Theron in an adaptation of Park Chan-Wook’s Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

Lady Vengeance is the final film in Park’s “Vengeance” trilogy. It’s incredibly hard to watch, gut wrenchingly beautiful, stylish as hell, and oh yeah, really frickin’ good (it does feature a sexual assault, but it’s actually committed by a woman–which is a first–and not recommended to watch with your mother back in college).

If I had to ever adapt it for American audiences and cast a white lady Theron would be one of my first choices. She’ll handle the “innocent” woman at the beginning of the film and the brutal arbiter at the end. Monahan is also a solid choice for director. While he’s better known as the screenwriter behind the underrated Kingdom of Heaven and much praised Departed (itself an adaptation of the Chinese Infernal Affairs he’s also the director of the very entertaining London Boulevard.

According to IndieWire Monahan has said his adaptation will be “very American” and “very unexpected.”

Good. If you’re going to adapt a film then do it right. Don’t just slap some American names on the characters and call it a day. Monahan did phenomenal work with his adaptation of Infernal Affairs so we can probably all rest easy.

And it looks like his film will hit just after Spike Lee’s Oldboy, which is an adaptation of the second film in the trilogy and a movie that lingered in development hell for nearly a decade before finally starting to film last month.

Should make for a very bleak fall 2013.

Source [Indiewire]

  • MsJack

    I am hella excited for this. 2013 is going to kick ass for Park Chan-Wook fans.