With a title like “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” and the Shonda Rhimes popularized term “MFEO” used in the first minute you knew this episode was out to make a statement. And it did. We’re seven episodes and and the show has officially declared it’s direction and set into motion every major storyline of the season. And yeah, it’s definitely the season of romance.

Owen Hunt has, without a doubt, been one of the biggest tools this show has ever produced. He spent seasons having great chemistry with Cristina but then being kind of an asshole to her. Then he became a douche (as in something repugnant to a vagina) and raged at Cristina for having an abortion. And then he cheated. And then he realized he was a douche. The guy realized he wasn’t the man he wanted to be for Cristina. He realized that maybe he could never be the man he wanted to be for Cristina. So he’s pulled back. Distanced himself from her (partially at her own request) and tried to suffer on with his life and watch her from a distance.

And then last night guys. Last night Owen asked for a divorce. Part of that is no doubt the whole Born Free send cheetah Cristina away thing. But a bigger part of that is he wants to help her lawsuit and the only way he can do that is to divorce her. As far as he knows that’s what she wants anyways. He’s just helping. He’s finally being a standup guy. Whether that continues remains to be seen. Owen is at his best when he’s a self-loathing lover watching from afar (see the latter half of season 5). The trick will be to eventually bring him and his MFEO back to one another without him shifting into Shonda Rhimes Douche mode. Because that’s kind a thing every guy on the show ever but Jackson and dead Denny has done.

Jackson is basically McDreamy sans all the douche. Look at him making April smile despite her crippling self-esteem issues.

Speaking of Jackson. How can someone that beautiful and talented and with those eyes always end up with women who don’t really want him? First Cristina (remember when they made out?) and then Lexie and now April just slipping the knife between his ribs and staring at him in confusion when he gets upset. I mean April, as much as I love the actress that portrays you and as much as I love watching you and Jackson make out you’re an asshole. A straight up self-absorbed asshole. I get where you’re coming from. You’re self-esteem is in the toilet and the entire world rags on you for every little thing but you’re still walking all over your best friend even after he repeatedly asks you not too and you’re so broken that you can’t see how much he cares and basically you guys are the puppy version of season 1-2 Meredith and Derek. Oh god I just realized that and am so shocked I can’t even start a new paragraph and this is all just perfect and who will be Addison in this scenario? Can it be one of the interns? Can it be Chair Stalker because she’s the best thing this show has done since they crashed a plane into a mountain.

I would watch a show just about Intern Chair Stalker saying inappropriate things, quietly stalking Arizona and possibly picking up dudes while high because you know her crying during sex ass tokes.

Whew. New paragraph! What’s up new paragraph? Let’s get back on track. So Jackson and April are now splitsville because he honestly proposed to her and she thought he was just being a good guy and tried to give him an out and he got fed up with her always giving him outs and running away and not acknowledging his genuine feelings for her. It was perfect and so are you star child.

… I’m actually neither drunk or high. I do not know why I am calling you star child gentle reader. I guess maybe because I’m stoned on the joy of this episode?

Yeah, Crowen and Japril (they sound like a 90s grunge band and an 80s reggae band respectively) are splitsville but the reasons are big and noble and these two couples clearly have feelings for each other but just have to figure out how to communicate that. That’s the best kind of drama for Grey’s! That’s the kind of drama that gets us hot kissin’ in elevators and adulterous sex at hospital prom!

And while these couples are nobly breaking things off to maximize the drama the other two big portmanteaux are getting closer than they have in quiet a while.

Just look at Callie and Arizona. Callie’s become this weird caregiver for both Arizona and Derek, making herself responsible for their rehabilitation and return to work and last night she was finally given a reprieve. Derek agreed to help her instead of just push her (at the urging of his wife) and Arizona, being a precious baby, smiled. That’s it! She smiled at her wife and played with her baby and when she fell down she laughed.

And then she and her wife and her child interacted for the first time in like, two years.

They’ve turned one of the show’s stablest and perhaps tired couples into one of their most interesting. By separating them and having them so thoroughly furious with one another but so thoroughly committed they’ve forced us to create new milestones for these characters. First couch sit down. First smile. First kiss. It’s all new again.

And part of that is because one part of the couple is all new. This Arizona isn’t the character we met back in season five. She’s darker. Sardonic even. She’s trying to become the woman she was but you can see how she’s changed (and it’s not just the limp and the cane). She’s still very angry (check out her missing the trauma room assessment of the patient, her irritation with her perfect Chair Stalker and the way she laughs off her missing limb). Yet she’s finally starting to accept things and can actually reign all that rage in. Let us all cross our fingers that the new dark and slightly angry Arizona sticks around, because the woman we’ve seen all season has some teeth to her and it makes her incredibly compelling (also she ridiculed Alex’s concern and that’s endearing okay?) and makes her affair with Callie more watchable than it has been in a while.

And Meredith and Derek? They’re knocked up y’all! Derek is a loopy and flirty with Callie and Meredith is all sated and happy and Zola will be a big sister and everything’s changed.


  • Cristina got the short shrift above. Apologies. I’m too flabbergasted by how far she’s come. Also I like single Cristina. Here’s hoping Owen can change a little too so when they get back together it isn’t vaguely sexist.
  • Owen being named in the lawsuit now makes sense! Good on them for twisting things about until they could get there. Better on Owen for sacrificing himself for Cristina. Marry me you ginger martyr you.
  • Bailey is getting married and talking about her wedding plans with everyone. WHO IS THIS BAILEY. Booty Call indeed.
  • Loved the Chief stirring up stuff with Owen. You rascal. Is he out for Owen’s job? I hope not. And if Owen is fired who would be chief? The next most senior attending that hasn’t been chief before would be…Arizona? Oh man. She’d be hilarious all Dr. Arizona House, MD!. Let’s make it happen.
  • The interns are being defined and in pleasing ways. Intern Izzie continues to be best when she goes on an Izzie tangent and Meredith or Callie shuts her down. Happy/Weepy cried. Grumpy is the new Cristina. And Chair Stalker. Chair Stalker is still my vote for permanent intern. Her squeakily chasing Arizona will live in joy in my heart.
  • Next Week: We see more of the interns which should be annoying but they’re kind of charming. Also Big Foot and Neve Campbell…unrelated.
  • cyntotoche

    This episode was a train wreck..all I am gonna say about it.

    • No! You have to elaborate. What did you find particularly wrecking?

  • drwyatt

    Please don’t give Cristina a pass. You want to call Owen douchey, fine, but Cristina is not blameless in that godawful relationship. Not because she had an abortion, but because she completely ignored Owen’s grief about it, took Teddy’s side and made no effort to help him repair that rift, which left him totally alone while she rubbed Mer and Zola in his face. I want them both to grow up, but I disagree with the Owen hate.

    • Owen’s grief? Personally I don’t have any sympathy for that kind of “grief”.

      • drwyatt

        You don’t have sympathy for the loss of a child he wanted? You take feminism too far when you disallow the emotions of eveyone but the woman.

        • There was no child. Just the potential for one. We all have the potential for children all the time. Save your grief for real, actual, live children. Not some cells in someone else’s body.

          • drwyatt

            I think it’s sad that zeal for a political position, which I support by the way, leaves no room for basic human empathy, even for a fictional character. Peace

  • Chenell

    You’re funny! I definitely will be reading more recaps!