Guuuuys. It looks like Man of Steel is maybe treading ground Smallville covered ad nauseum for ten years. But it also looks like we may get super powered people punching the shit out of each other and Superman and Lois Lane touch and it doesn’t look like he’s about to super kiss her memories away or join forces with DC Comics to wipe her existence from memory.

And Diane Lane guys! Diane Lane is all on hand softly talking baby Supes out of a closet! (Is this going to end up being an allegory for coming out?)

And the flying. There’s a real sense of gravity and power to how Snyder has this Superman flying.

So basically, even though it looks like it will be about Superman’s boring existential crisis it’s got a dude flying around punching Michael Shannon in the face and eye sexing Amy Adams.

They’re eye sexing in front of an army. That is how few damns they give.

Also blurry but hot and half naked and covered in flames Henry Cavill like he’s coming out of a comic book.

You’re welcome. If you squint you see hairy and glorious abs y’all.

Man of Steel and it’s mildly overblown score hit theaters June 14th, 2013.