Ruth Wilson is about to blow the top off of Hollywood. Mark my words. She’s been tearing it up in the UK with things like Jane Eyre and her turn as a super fun serial killer in Luther and she has a bizarre if great turn as Cousin Besty in Anna Karenina. She just hasn’t been seen by many more than the Anglophiles. That could change if she’s cast in the secret female role for the Avengers sequel.

Until then we must be satisfied with her small role as the Lone Ranger’s wife, because this is Ruth Wilson and we’ll probably all come out of the theater wondering why the movie wasn’t about her instead of her tall, All American husband.

She’s all “Oh you didn’t know I was in this movie and almost make you forget the horrible racism? How sad for you.”

Oh and Helena Bonham Carter, apparently contracted to appear in all of Johnny Depp’s films until one of them dies or they finally make out and live happily ever after, appears in this one. They’ll probably flirt and then he’ll murder her for a laugh. While swinging mewling infants over his head and “woo wooing” because HOLY HELL WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Seriously. Did no one tell Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski that a stilted speaking Tonto in face paint with a dead bird on his head and a mishmash of Native cultures at his beck and call is so outdated even the 50s are vaguely scandalized?

Verbinski I can maybe understand. He’s not from around here so he might have missed out on America’s systematic erasure of Native nations and their cultures. But Depp sir, your lily-white 1/16th Cherokee ass should know better.

  • kass

    johnny depp is NOT white. for european at least he doesn’t look white. but you look the one who is racist

  • sa

    johnny is part comanche.. the comanche nation has accepted him and celebrated
    him in´╗┐ his new role. do your research before posting such ignorance racist comments pls.

    • Alex is actually part Creek Indian.


      • sa

        johnny depp lover? lol you r not only bad at research you r one bad guesser also. meh..

        and your caps lock has stuck

  • Hey! you sound as the racist here…do you know something called “war paint”? that’s what some natives used and that what Depp is using too!
    You have to do a little more of research before make a “laugh” over something that really was a part of the native american culture!

    • as I sound as what as the racist? I’m having a hard time following your meaning.

    • Well see I already know not to listen to you because you call it Native American culture as though there were one whole culture instead of a hundred different and unique cultures. But thanks for playing!

    • oreodogvomit

      Yeah, I’ve heard of war paint. I’ve also heard of blackface.

  • ruslook

    the racist card again? lol seriously? no, I’m not buying it.

    the trailer is gorgeous I’m totally sold.

    • Yeah it is so pesky when people call out actors for doing racist stuff. Sigh.

      • ruslook

        he’s not a bit racist as you are. I’ve been following this project over a year not because of johnny but because of ruth and you know what I am sick of your whining over JD ”white ass”. at least he’s DOING something to popularise NA image. and you, alex just putting racist sh!t from your head into others heads. he certainly has NA features and I doubt you seen real ”white ass” in america since you call him that. and yes, ”white ass” sounds pesky racist if you ask me.

        • I’d be upset…but I think you are calling me racist against white people? Nope can’t be upset about that. And as I noted elsewhere, he’s treating a multitude of Native cultures as one monolithic culture. That’s deeply problematic and, yeah, it’s racist. I’m sorry you don’t see it that way.

          • ruslook

            finally YOU found the reason for all your problems! it’s Johnny fucking Depp and his role of Tonto! sureee! no one else has played NA before. oh, oh! does he bear a guilt for NA genocide also?
            and yes, you sound racist to me. and I’m not the only one. your negative and racist comments towards JD do nothing to improve problem only increasing it. just saying

      • ruslook

        and JD wasn’t called out. sorry but no one is interested in no name NA actors. non of them can carry $205 mln project. there was no other choice but Depp. the whole project exists solely because and thankfully to him. because he really wanted to do it. and all you can do is sh!t on him. pathetic.

        • Yeah I shit on him for perpetuating stereotypes. How dare I.

          • ruslook

            why so agressive?

  • FloB

    You sound so ignorant about so many things but i would like to point out that this is only the 3rd film that Helena and JD have done. That hardly qualifies as all his movies. Your exaggerations are ridiculous.