This isn’t actually from Hannibal. This is from The Fall which should air sometime in our lifetimes on BBC2.

This is some meta stuff happening right here.

So Clarice Starling was one of those game changer sort of film characters. Chris Carter even liked her so much that he based a lot of Dana Scully on her and maybe sort of cast Gillian Anderson because of a resemblance to Jodie Foster. (Okay it was probably all subconcious. Whatever.) Foster later voiced an evil tattoo on X-Files–partly as a nod to that Starling/Scully connection. When Foster refused to return for Hannibal Gillian Anderson was on the short list of actresses to replace her–right next to actual successor, Julianne Moore.

Now it’s all coming full circle or something because Anderson, who hasn’t been on American television show since X-Files ended ten years ago, is appearing in a three episode arc of Bryan Fuller’s unoriginally titled prequel, Hannibal, as the titular character’s own therapist.

I hope he murders her (and then she haunts him for seasons until he finally accepts he’s a terrible evil murderer). Or he has to stop her because she’s a murderer. Basically I need them to spar verbally for three episodes and then end it all tragically or bring her on as a regular.

And because I love you gentle reader, here’s a super brief clip of Gillian Anderson yelling at Brad Dourif in the first season episode “Beyond the Sea,” based on? You guessed it. Silence of the Lambs.

Source [TVLine]