The holiday season is fabulous. One: Presents. Two: Family and friends I guess. Three: My delicious homemade chocolate caramels. Four: All the trailers for next summer’s big releases hit and we get to watch them all in a row and squeal.

So in the spirit of the holidays lets us squeal in delight.

Let us all squeal at the wonder that is Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Let us squeal at Idris Elba getting to be British for once outside the UK. Let us squeal for Charlie Hunnam’s beautiful face. Let us squeal for Rinko Kikuchi being put in a movie that may finally make her the star in America she deserves to be.

Let us squeal for her also schooling the Hunnam in sword fighting. And for robot rocket fist punches. And for the clear influences of Japanese anime and kaiju films. And for GLADOS’s voice cameo.

Let us just squeal for two minutes and twenty seconds of glorious footage.

And let us not squeal for the stupid Inception BWAAAAR, because that shit is tiresome.