Grey’s Anatomy had to step up its game. Derek Shepherd has been rocking the fabulous hair for eight of his nine seasons (ugh season 6 hair). He’s been getting gray, clearly because he’s been having to carry the fabulous hair torch all by his lonesome. So Grey’s decided a twenty-four hour thunderstorm would strike Seattle and give us a boon.

This was straight up hair porn.

This was straight up hair porn.

I mean, it was a good episode, but my first thought when it was over was still “daaaamn Jessica Capshaw you be ROCKIN’ it this week.”

And she didn’t just rock it with long lustrous locks. No, this was the week the show decided to surreptitiously remind us that Arizona Robbins is a bad ass senior surgeon who doesn’t do the clique thing that 99% of her colleagues do. Yes, the character has often been apart from hospital wide storylines in the past but this week we learn it isn’t because the writers don’t want to write her (I mean I guess it could be) but because woman has no time for all the drama. She wants to work and then go home and snuggle babies and bang wives. Meanwhile everyone else is making Herculean efforts to be all things to all other characters and the hospital itself and cutting LVAD wires and getting involved in scandals and banging coworkers they’ve known for years instead of ones they just run into in the bathroom. She’s the drama-free one that Bailey always claims to be but never is.

And in this case she’s also the truth bomber.

So many bombs! London Blitz! Right on the show! In the first five minutes!

They don't take it well.

They don’t take it well.

There was her going after Callie for being privileged (making Meredith hilariously uncomfortable) and going after all of them for being dumb and wanting to buy a hospital when they could buy an island and just pay people to come to it so they could cut them open (now I’ve made them sound like serial killers) and then there was her unloading both barrels on Derek in a way I haven’t seen since Addison used to roam the halls in her salmon pink scrubs. While everyone on the show, and we at home, know Derek can be incredibly egotistical when he’s not McDreamy no one ever ever says that to him.

But Arizona Robbins did. And she went through the entire episode being an adult and saying no, not just because someone in the Fab Five needed to be a voice of dissent but because it made sense for her to be that voice. When she finally does agree it isn’t because her wife has pleaded with her off-screen somewhere–their relationship is strong enough at this point to survive this, and it isn’t because of Derek’s leering vandalized face. It’s because Bailey, easily her favorite co-worker and the one person on the entire cast who is as pragmatic and down to earth as her, is about to quit. That’s her impetus and it’s a powerful one because it’s so damn in character for the woman that’s finally been revealed to us this season.

While Arizona is slowly brought around by Bailey’s desire for a good hospital, Derek and Meredith are racing to put all the other cogs into their hospital buying machine. Derek and Callie have freakishly clandestine meetings in a van that would have been ridiculous if director Tony Phelan didn’t make it funny enough to let us know they were in on the joke, Derek pays off his favorite intern to deface his face, and Meredith works Cristina while stealing paperwork like a super spy and being horrified by her husband’s new Big Brother hospital presence.



Poor Cristina, meanwhile, is in love with her ex-husband again. They’re finally in a happy place and trying to take advantage of every moment they have together because theirs is a relationship currently doomed to fail. After years of shying away from communication they’re actually healthy! They’re a real dang couple for the first time ever. The torture and longing looks have given away to fun and joy. Which is why she balks at having to lie to him. It’s undoing the whole season’s worth of work.

Yet she genuinely loves him, and as he’s tried to force everyone to swallow the bitter pill of hospital buyout, she offers up a bitter pill of betrayal, because like him, she believes what she’s doing will help everyone in the long run. Whether that actually works remains to be seen. Owen is gutted by the Fab Five walk out and all the fabulous hair in the world can’t erase the stain of horror creeping onto all their faces.

Grey's Anatomy 9x15 - We Done Fucked Up


  • Webber was gold this week. “I didn’t do it!” Suuuure Webber.
  • The van guys. What the hell?
  • Callie in the van though.
  • Tony Phelan’s direction was another stylistic departure from the show’s norm, like his last episode it worked, though it was tremendously over-scored. The way he shot that first ten minutes though? Perfection.
  • Heather and Stephanie showed up briefly to be good little interns. When used sparingly I love these guys.
  • Jackson was kept to a minimum this week. I’m kind of off the Jackson train lately with his condescension so that was nice.
  • Appppprilllll. She spends the whole episode fretting on how to tell her boyfriend she wants to wait until marriage for sex and then finds out he’s doing the same. WHY AREN’T YOU MARRIED YET YOU PERFECT COUPLE YOU. But she also lies about her V-status which will no doubt bite her in the ass.
  • Alex is now totally crushing on Jo and thinks she’s crushing on him but she’s crushing on an OBGYN and now Alex is sad.
  • Cahill likes Owen. Cahill likes Owen.
  • Next Week: Everyone reacts to the fact that these five fab surgeons just up and quit and the sale fell through and now everyone is without a job even though they’re planning to buy the hospital but they can’t tell anyone because of plot. Also Derek rides in a helicopter. Wheeee.
  • So much drama! lol I love it though because it makes your recaps even better and they’re already so good that that’s not easy. :)

  • Liz

    I´m always looking forward to read your reviews, thank you!. I´m glad that for once Arizona is part of a storyline that does not involve just Callie and I have to say that I love seeing the fab 5 together