X-Files Season 10

You can blame Joss Whedon for the influx of awesome 90s properties getting a continuation in graphic novel form. While he wasn’t the first (Gargoyles probably has that honor) he has been, by far, the most successful. Buffy is halfway through its second “season” in comics, Angel is now Angel & Faith and a riotously good time and just about every super-powered hero and anti-hero has received a spinoff in some form or another.

Comic publisher IDW looked at those decent numbers and the heaps of critical praise and said “we want some of that.” They’ve gathered the team of Joe Harris and Michael Walsh for writing and art duties respectively and Chris Carter has agreed to peek his head out of those killer waves he’s surfing* to “executive produce.”

From Comic Book Resource’s interview with Joe Harris it doesn’t sound like Carter is super involved. After the last X-Files film that’s probably a blessing. Ultimately that leaves the canonicity of the series up in the air. However IDW is committed to this thing and Harris has plenty of big plans and seems like a major fan…even if he cites a whole mess of mythology episodes as his faves and ignores all of Scully’s best hour–sorry my X-Phile reared its ugly head.

Check out the link above for his interview which is full of juicy non-hints about conspiracies and aliens and Mulder being Mulder and Scully probably not being around nearly enough and hit the discussion below to delight in the super pudgy Mulder artwork. Because damn he pudgy.

Finally a comic where they don't sex up a dude that got a little pudgy in real life. Keepin' it real and i love it.

Finally a comic where they don’t sex up a dude that got a little pudgy in real life. Keepin’ it real and i love it.

*Remember when Chris Carter and his surfboard was a big deal in the 90s? No? Just me?

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