I am usually opposed to speculation from trailers. Mainly because it takes me back to the darkest days of movie fandom when all we had was Ain’t It Cool News and their talkbacks. But dang do I want to speculate after this latest Iron Man 3 trailer.

There’s a LOT of guys in Iron Man suits. There’s also a lot of guys in weird chest harnesses.

Iron Man Harnesses

and one of the most repeated images from all the trailers is Pepper Potts in a similar harness. And those harnesses? Look a lot like part of the Iron Man suit.

Sweet Buddha this is the nerdiest post I've ever written.

Sweet Buddha this is the nerdiest post I’ve ever written.

Ergo. Pepper Potts will be in an Iron Man suit.

Which leads to her becoming Rescue, Matt Fraction’s great trick of putting Potts in a suit without making her a superhero.

If Shane Black actually goes this route while also making a film about a Tony Stark suffering from PTSD after the events of The Avengers I might just have a geekgasm in the theater on the magnitude of the time I saw Giorgio Moroder’s Metropolis or the phoenix under the water in X-Men 2.

Otherwise all that Tony Stark wants to keep Pepper Potts safe dialogue in the trailer is foreshadowing for her death. Seeing as Shane Black has a history of excellence with Lethal Weapon, Long Kiss Goodnight (about a lady assassin with amnesia!) and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I really want to bank on the former.

  • SofiaT

    On “My Monsters” it’s revealed that years into the future, when IronMan dies fighting the Mandarin, he gets buried by his granddaughter next to his wife Virginia Potts Stark and their son. No son yet so hopefully Pepper gets to live. Crossing my fingers for Rescue! With Mandarin’s terrorist hits, Rescue would be very helpful to have around too.