Artist Chris Sprouse's pencils for Superman #683.

Artist Chris Sprouse’s pencils for Superman #683.

And thus ends the furor around Card’s hiring by DC Comics.

Okay not really. What’s happened is that Chris Sprouse behind the artwork above and the guy hired to illustrate Orson Scott Card’s tale in the Adventures of Superman anthology has departed because:

The media surrounding this story reached the point where it took away from the actual work, and that’s something I wasn’t comfortable with.

DC Comics has decided to push back Card’s story and feature it in a later issue. They haven’t said which because they have to find a new artist. It’s effectively killed Card’s story.

Hats off to people calling DC Comics on their junk for hiring a known homophobe and generally excellent writer and horrible person. While I’m all for free speech–even virulent hate speech that makes my skin crawl–it was atrocious that a comic publisher currently under well deserved fire for their treatment of people who are not white men would go and hire one of the most notorious and actively hateful homophobes working.

Pat yourself on the back internet. You deserve it.

And hats off to Sprouse for graciously backing out of the job without calling anyone names.

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