The recent uproar over any mention of Princess Leia in future Star Wars productions is a tad disheartening. Fans spoke out against Wood’s plans to include her as star of a comic book arc. They stood strong for the rights of sexist nerds everywhere when actress Carrie Fisher had the nerve to accept an offer to return to her genre-defining role as a sexy, shoot-first rebel leader.

Unfortunately, it seems that Star Wars creators don’t share the this old-world fan base’s sentiments. There have been more than a few female characters rearing their well-rounded heads in the newly imagined, traditionally man-heavy universe. Most annoyingly, Disney refuses to confirm or deny anything.  Here’s a round-up of Star Wars news & views, more than some of which is still rumor:

  • Carrie Fisher has agreed to return as Princess Leia, probably in all three films being planned by Disney. Mark Hamill is also rumored to have joined the returning actors. However, Disney and the actors’ offices are apparently confirming no one. Nobody’s playing no one in these films. (Source: The Guardian)
  • We know nothing about the plot.
  • Harrison Ford will be 72 this year, Mark Hamill is 62, and Carrie Fisher is 57. As long as we’re making old jokes, let’s get the facts straight.
  • More rumors on spin offs include Yoda, Solo, Vader, and Boba Fett. These are still rumors. Wait this one out. Luckily, you can still read comics!
  • Wood has stayed true to his promise of more Leia Organa-centered stories[Editor’s Note: This series is awesome go read it!]. The future of his Star Wars comic will also include Boba Fett, Bossk, Han & Chewie, and even good ol’ Wedge Antilles! (Source: Comic Book Resources)
  • Corinna Beckko is teaming up with Gabriel Hardman again, this time to bring us back to Star Wars: Legacy. The series stars Ania Skywalker, a new descendant of the Skywalker clan. (source: Comic Book Resources)